Sax Quartet

My most ambitious project is my “Suite in 4 movements for Saxophone Quartet”, which encompasses a wide variety of styles and influences including baroque, classical, tango, jazz and rock, with accessibility being an important consideration.
The music for the suite lasts about 15 minutes in total and consists of the 4 contrasting movements.
The suite has undergone some significant revisions, including reducing the number of movements (from 6 to 4).
Some of the themes have been developed from earlier compositions written at various stages of my life.
Electronic recordings (using sampled sounds) can be heard along with the scores by clicking on the following links:
Movement I – “Awakening” (4’52”);
Movement II – “Tango” (2’01”);
Movement III – “Baroque Affinity” (3’30”);
Movement IV – “Finale” (3’55”)

In 2017 I worked with Second City Sax on a draft version and gained some valuable feedback and a home recording, allowing me to make some informed decisions. Further valuable feedback has been provided by students of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.
The music is now ready for performance.

Please contact me if you would like further information.