Saxophone Quartet

My most ambitious project is my “Suite in 4 movements for Saxophone Quartet”, which encompasses a wide variety of styles and influences including baroque, classical, tango, jazz and rock.
The entire suite lasts about 15 minutes and consists of 4 contrasting movements.
There have been some significant revisions including reducing the number of movements, with the latest revisions done in December 2022.

In the links below, you can hear electronic performances of each of the four movements:

Movement I – “Awakening” (4’55”);
Movement II – “Tango” (2’01”);
Movement III – “Baroque Affinity” (3’30”);
Movement IV – “Finale” (3’55”)

I have also recorded an alternative arrangement of the final movement called “Unleash the Finale”, which is for Alto Saxophone plus a backing track of virtual instruments.

Please contact me if you are interested in playing all or part of this Saxophone Quartet Suite, which is yet to be performed in public.