The Legend of Richard III

Song: The Legend of Richard III

This is probably my most eccentric composition! I am fascinated by the fact that people cared enough about Richard III and his reputation to go to such lengths to find his remains in a Leicester Car Park. The words for this composition refer to that remarkable story, as well as the general controversy that surrounds Richard III.

The words and music started off as an earlier song called ‘The Lost King of England”, which was too long and was mostly about the Leicester discovery. This has now morphed into this song, which is shorter and with subject matter that is less narrow. The music aims to capture a medieval mood and style, but it is driven more by the need to tell a dramatic story than by any claim of authentic medieval style.

In the recording below, the solo voice part is sung by operatic soprano Lucia Medina, and the backing is created from sampled sounds.

The Song is also on YouTube at The Legend of Richard III (Song) – YouTube. Please log on to comment, if you wish.