Welcome to the music website of Steve Marlow (aka Steve David Marlow).  

For my music compositions, my mission is to create quality music that is original, accessible and imaginative.  

In the summer of 2016, two of my orchestral compositions (‘The Citadel’ and ‘A Mystery’) were recorded for Ablaze records, played by the highly respected Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Mikel Toms. 

I am very pleased that saxophonist Nicholas Phillips has recently uploaded recordings of “An Autumn day” and “A Winter’s Morning” to his youtube channel, with piano backing tracks played by Oscar Espinoza. There are other versions of these compositions available for various combinations of solo instrument and piano. 

I have now uploaded my own performance of “Unleash the Finale” – this is an arrangement of the Finale from my Sax Quartet Suite, using a backing track of virtual instruments. 

My most ambitious project so far is my Suite in 4 movements for saxophone quartet, which has undergone a number of revisions and is yet to receive a full performance.  

“Train Ticket to the Sunset” evokes a classic train journey and is written for string orchestra. this is also yet to be performed.

On my Enigma page, I put forward a new theory regarding Elgar’s famous ‘Enigma Variations’ riddle.